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When you own a commercial property then you know there can be no mistakes when your commercial roof system is installed. Installing a flat roof system or installing a new shingle roof on an apartment building can be very costly. The material prices are through the roof and you cannot afford the possibility of improper workmanship. At Aquashield Roofing we have done roofs on shopping centers, apartment buildings, and office structures. We have installed many different types of commercial roofing products. If you want a commercial roofing company that knows the commercial marketplace then contact us today!

Commercial Roofing Repair or Installation

Commercial Roofing

TPO Low Sloped Roofing Membrane Systems

TPO is no doubt the best and most efficient energy star rated low sloped roofing commercial roofing system to install. It is a very long-lasting durable roof system that can withstand high winds and ensure adequate protection. TPO is installed on schools, churches, government buildings and it is the best roofing material in the industry.

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Commercial Roofs

EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane

A EPDM rubber roof system is the second choice among high quality low sloped roofing products. It contains no asphalt which can crack in cold temperatures. Its very similar to the rubber on your car tire and it is a more affordable product. If a EPDM rubber roof is installed correctly then it will protect your property against the harsh elements for many years to proceed.

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Commercial Roof

Protect Your Large Investment With A Shield

Protect your building with the best products and the workmanship of a dedicated growing company. We use only the best procedures and methods. No rock is left unturned as we focus on completing your project perfectly. All of our roofers are well trained and they are tested time and time again. We offer a quality product with a labor price that you can afford. Call us today for a free no obligation estimate.

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Lay Down A Shield on Your Commercial Roof

Commercial Roofing
Commercial Roofing Repair


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